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Friday,Sep 29, 2023
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70 Obstetrics and Gynecology Holy Hand
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:292        Back to List
 He announced the beginning of the reception. He toasted with representatives from all walks of life and clinked glasses with foreign experts and friends. He said good wishes to everyone at each table, took good care of everyone's emotions, and talked with friends. It was not until the nie the arrival of the National Day. Had it not been for the worry that he would not be able to get up after dawn and would miss the splendid National Day Garden Party, he would have been reluctant to get up and leave the Great Hall. The distance from the Great Hall to the swimming pool is limited, which is not enough for Dr. Kobayashi to pay for the bus. It was autumn in Beijing,Agate Slabs For Sale, and the night wind had brought a cool breath, but it could not extinguish the burning flame in his chest. He walked back excitedly, almost running all the way to make the wind blow harder. He walked so fast that he almost didn't recognize him when he bumped into He Dongsheng at the door. His friend was also flushed, as if he had drunk the same red wine, the whole person was dizzy, and he was excited to see him. It's good to meet you. He Dongsheng beat him on the shoulder happily. "I was just about to tell you that I gave birth to twins, a brother and a sister.". The adults and children are all fine and healthy. Lin Bin didn't realize who gave birth for a while. Looking at He Dongsheng's silly joy and telling the world in the middle of the night, Dr. Kobayashi immediately panicked,Agate Stone Price, "God, He Dongsheng won't be bold enough to have a child with Yu Qiu so soon.". This is the crime of hooliganism! And that, I can't see it. When Yu Qiu left Beijing, he couldn't see that he had a belly at all. With her little body, she can still have twins. In that case, when he was pregnant, he went to Japan and Geneva, and his body was strong enough. He Dongsheng did not know whether to laugh or cry: "What nonsense are you talking about?"? I mean Baoying, the big belly of Xiaoqiu tube, test-tube baby, two babies have been born. Lin Bin fell into a dull state for a moment, and his eyes were straight, as if he had drunk too much wine and could not come to his senses. He Dongsheng couldn't help punching him. When he saw what was going on, Pietra Gray Marble ,Slate Wall Panel, he jumped three feet high, let out a howl of a wolf cub, and then ran to the yard. He Dongsheng wanted to chase him, but he was not allowed to go in according to the regulations. He only had time to look at his friend, who ran forward like a gust of wind in the shadow of the lamp, and tripped over something in the middle, without knowing it. Dr. Kobayashi, who was too excited to care about anything else, went through the flowers and trees, around the house, and rushed directly into the courtyard. Zheng, who was standing guard at the door of the house, had no time to greet him when he heard his voice, which was so excited that it changed its tone: "Born, test-tube baby was born..." Poor little Zheng only hated that his hands were too slow to cover Lin Bin's mouth at once. Who knows what kind of craziness this guy has in the middle of the night, and suddenly he will shout out. Xiao Zheng doesn't know what a test-tube baby is. He knows that no one can make a sound at the moment. Lin Bin was almost out of breath, two arms desperately to pull Xiao Zheng's hand, hurriedly let him go, he was suffocating to death. The door of the room opened, and the young female staff member came out frowning and shouted in a low voice, "What are you doing?" Xiao Zheng was so frightened that he quickly explained, "No, nothing. He hasn't seen wine. I'll drag him down right away." The female staff member looked at Lin Bin's two legs kicking in disorder, and estimated that the boy was probably a rare opportunity to drink, so she didn't ho room and said, "Don't look at the documents any more. I'll press them for you. Go to bed early." Although he did not preside over the National Day banquet today, he certainly did not rest, just looking at the thick stack of documents is a headache. Lin Bin even a little regret to encourage the old man to cure his eyes earlier, at least before the eyes are not good, all rely on others to read,Porcelain Marble Slabs, but also to reduce his workload. The old man answered, "I know. I'll go to sleep right away. I'm sleepy, too. I was woken up by you." 。