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Friday,Sep 29, 2023
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Seven-day escape game
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:244        Back to List
 "How can I? How can most people learn that? This is really the first time I've touched a bow." Talking about the process of hunting deer, Lei Li waved his arms excitedly after catching the mineral water, describing the whole incident, "I was standing at the back of the t himself. At the foot of the dwarf, Zhang Zhian and two other men lifted the bamboo pole-like limbs of the sika deer and lifted them together. Bo Ye withdrew his line of sight and said lightly, "You may be able to shoot with your eyes closed.." "What did you say?" Lei Li didn't hear clearly and stared at him sideways. "What's with your eyes closed?" Bo Ye chuckled and said,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, "I said you can't be judged by your appearance. You're awesome." Lei Li raised his head and snorted as a compliment. Gu Meng looked at the sika deer, whose eyes were already completely gray. He couldn't bear it. He turned his eyes to Lei Li and asked him, "You said you didn't use much force when you pulled the bow. Why was the bow arm broken?" "How can I know that?" Regardless of these, Lei Li said perfunctorily, "Probably the quality is not good. I don't know how long that thing has been in the old house. It's not necessarily moth-eaten in the middle." Gu Meng twisted his eyebrows and bit the collar of his assault jacket, still struggling with his words. If, as he said,white marble slabs, the game gives such a broken bow to the player. Really stingy. Zhang Zhian and his party carried the sika deer to the wooden house. At this time, they were stepping on the slope in step. They did not want to slip on the soles of their feet and fall down. The sika deer fell on the snow with a "bang". Lei Li immediately stiffened his face and scolded, "Have you eaten yet?"! Are a few big boys not full or what? Can you give me some strength? Break the venison and see what everyone eats! That doesn't make any sense. How could the venison be broken. But none of them said anything. The fallen boy pursed his lips, patted the snow on his knees, and lifted the legs of the sika deer again. As the owner of the deer, Lei Li looked at the reaction of several people who usually liked to choke with him, realized something, snorted coldly, and felt happy in his heart. Such as other players have entered the cabin, Bo Ye said his guess: "At present, the bow and arrow has two attributes, the first, hit every shot, the second, Silver Travertine Slabs ,white marble mosaic, one-time consumption, as for the use." Maybe it's to make it easier for players to hunt deer, but I don't think it's that simple. Gu Meng looked at him sideways and wondered, "How do you know you can hit every shot?" Bo Ye glanced at him lightly and said, "Since the lowest standard in a team like Lei Li can be hit, anyone can get the bow." Gu Meng: ".." Great God, naked discrimination. Bo Ye said seriously, "Do you know how to survive in the Jedi?" "It's commonly known as eating chicken." Gu Meng nodded, "a few years ago, the fire spread all over the north and south of the Yangtze River, blowing the game of how many curtilage men's boudoirs." Bo Ye: "That kind of large-scale game is exquisitely designed. The recoil force of the gun, the deflection angle of the center, and the magnification effect of the lens have all been simulated tens of thousands of times. It is intended to give players the most realistic gunfight experience. Therefore, a PUBG professional player needs constant training to run in well with the gt floor is very quiet, the size of the deer was thrown to the corner of the position, Gu Meng asked the counter behind the snow aunt, that other players are on the second floor. Four people hurriedly went upstairs, and sure enough, the rest of the people gathered at the door of Ruan Chushui's room. The room was still filled with the smell of blood, Wang Xiaochi's body was still lying on the bed, and Ruan Chushui had changed his clothes and cleaned himself up,White Marble Mosaic, no longer looking down and out. Raleigh was arguing with him, because there were many people standing behind him. He looked cocky and said, "You must take out the matches today. Everyone is waiting to slaughter the venison. Don't spoil the fun here. Follow me." 。