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Friday,Sep 29, 2023
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Upgraded Warcraft _ 20200215155708.
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:262        Back to List
 Using the speed to go around the brain of a hill giant, when the hill giant just noticed that something was wrong, Zhou Tian was already in control of the twelve grades of black lotus at that time, and at that time a stream of tyrannical breath was injected into his body. Whion and ran silently to the side of the hill giant who had been knocked down. As before, Zhou Tian also used the breath of the twelve-grade black lotus to influence the hill giant, and then Zhou Tian disappeared silently. The two hill giants, who were affected by the negative breath, were like that. Under the influence of Zhou Tian, they fought directly to the death. You punched and I kicked. When the other members of the elf camp failed to stop them,Carrara Marble Slab, and even many of them were affected, they soon beat each other into serious injuries at that time. The soul is light! Although there was no evidence to prove that all this was done by Zhou Tian, the hill giant, who had no abnormal situation before, suddenly went mad after reaching the bottom of the sea. Even if there was no evidence to prove that it was related to Zhou Tian, the elves were still enough to suspect Zhou Tian at this time. Unfortunately, even if they suspect that Zhou Tian is useless, even if they know that this thing is done by Zhou Tian,Marble Projects, what can they do? Zhou Tian's figure they have no way to catch, in such a situation, if you can not stop Zhou Tian, then what Zhou Tian wants to do, that is not still able to continue to do. And Zhou Tian did not stop his action because of the suspicion of the elves, and after the two hill giants killed each other with the negative breath of the twelve grades of black lotus, Zhou Tian cast his eyes on the other members of the elves' camp. No matter those elves or other land creatures, Zhou Tian did not have much interest in them, although they could really go into the water with that hood. But a group of land creatures to the water, that even if they how hard to adapt can not have a good play, as long as Zhou Tian good performance, then those who have the ability to fight in the water after the opponent won, then the elves simply can not escape from his palm. After the hill giant, it was the tree people who were unlucky. According to the same method, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Agate Slabs Countertops, Zhou Tian made full use of the negative breath in the twelve grades of black lotus, and let the tree people go crazy at that time. Under a burst of confusion, the elves had not even figured out what was going on, but their main fighting force was that Zhou Tian had caused heavy casualties. Seeing such a situation, the elves are not stupid, and naturally know that according to the current situation, even if they stay, it will not play a big role. So, when the Ents camp was in a mess, one of the leading elves saw this situation, gritted his teeth, and then gave the order to retreat directly. Seeing the hand gesture of the elf, the members present at that time did not think much about it and rushed back without saying a word. It's just, will Zhou Tian let the elves go? "Come and go as you like in his sea beasts, did not make any more moves at that time. In order to give those sea beasts a chance to vent, but also to train those sea beasts, Zhou Tian directly ordered the sea beasts to fight with those elves. The two sides soon turned on fire at that time, and as Zhou Tian thought, when the two sides really fought, the sea beasts, from beginning to end, had the absolute upper hand in the battle. The original strength of the sea beast is very strong, if only by individual strength,White Marble Slabs, in addition to the hill giants can fight with them, even those tree people, most of them are not the opponents of those sea beasts.