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Friday,Sep 29, 2023
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Non-marriage (military marriage)
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:379        Back to List
 Xiao Qi seemed to understand and shook his little head. His two pigtails were shaking and shaking. His long eyelashes were flashing, and his little cherry lips were beeping. His face was cute: "What is tongue twister? Can I eat it?" Small early like a small adult is very helplenalyzed the situation and result of Mu Ze if he broke away from Mu's family. If Mu finds his biological parents, there is still a glimmer of hope, but Mu does not know his life experience at all, because he is really an orphan, there is no basis to understand his life experience. Moreover, Mu Dad's attitude is firm, what the Mu family is worried about must be the reputation of the political circles and all kinds of doubts and investigations that will be met after the showdown. In the past,pietra gray marble, the way to be an official was to make mistakes without success and to make mistakes with mediocrity. Now it is often said: "Do not seek merit, but seek no fault.". The merits and demerits lie in the political circles, which is a matter of words. The Mu family has also paid for decades in the military region in exchange for today's achievements. Today is a legal society and a public opinion society. For this "fault", it depends on what kind of vision people use to treat it. Cheng Xiaoni's grandfather is now one of the important figures in the Military Commission, holding the ruling and discourse power of the military and political circles. And Jian Rong's grandfather, a revolutionary of the older generation, had participated in many important battles when he was young, so the power of both families should not be underestimated. Although several of them are leaders and subordinates,Calacatta Quartz Slab, they are already good friends in private, so no one will ignore them. Moreover, the law has not stipulated this regulation, but the special status of Mu Ze and Mu Wan has led to their gloomy road ahead. Therefore, the loopholes of the law must be exploited. As for the future of Mu Ze and Mu Wan, Jian Rong and Xiao Mi have discussed it many times, but the result is not very optimistic, but Xiao Mi's sensibility overcomes her rationality and supports Mu Wan. Jian Rong also collects information, and is preparing to find time to talk about things in private with Vice Chairman Cheng's father for a long time. Although he knows what their promise is, if he talks about it in detail again, it may change. And the small hidden here, also ready to go to Shanghai. After dinner, Mu Wan went upstairs to see the children who were tired of playing. Xiao Qi's quilt had already been kicked to one side, and Xiao Qi took the quilt and covered it with it. Thank you for helping me so much, grey marble slab ,Grey Marble Slab, Xiao Ni. Mu Wan knew that she did not need this thank between her and Xiao Qi, but she did not know how to express her feelings. It's really sour. If you thank me, you can give birth to a girl and be my daughter-in-law. The little girl raised her hand and put it on Mu Wan's shoulder. "How's it going?" Mu Wan chuckled and nodded, "Just don't go back on your word." Xiao Nie is encouraging and supporting Mu Wan, so that she can be strong in the face of unknown difficulties. But also do not want to, Xiaoxi little potty friend dro life, was her dro mother to explain out. Mu Ze and Jane Rong chatted for a long time in the study, and it was already more than ten o'clock when they came out of Jane's house. All the way, Xiao Zao was sleeping, Mu Wan was driving, and Mu Ze's ste still calm man in front of him and shouted: "I want you to clarify that we have nothing to do with each other, not to admit that I am your wife, bastard.." 、69 There is a feeling that as long as he is around, nothing to say, nothing to do, they feel that the world is full of happiness! Mu Wan's cool fingers gently slid on Mu Ze's chest, his delicate finger pulp turned around the wound inch by inch, his flickering eyelashes on his chest like a small wiper, his white skin matched him, showing a soft and delicate picture that people could not control themselves,Marble Granite Price, while Mu Wan's lips were half against his chest, and the hot and humid breath he exhaled hit the texture of his chest. Mu Ze's body was unbearably tight. Mu raised his hand and grabbed Mu Wan's slender and tender fingers. His dark eyes were like a whirlpool, with a strong force to roll people into the abyss and fall together.