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Friday,Sep 29, 2023
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Quickly wear cannon fodder female partner 1866
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:227        Back to List
 Mingge's identity this time should be the daughter of a relatively rich family, although I do not know what disease the host has, but this ward is too big, and outside the ward is a seascape, blue sky and blue sea, beautiful dream. There are at least two escorts around Mingge, n good health, I'll take you out to see if it's OK." Well, hasn't the host ever seen a blade of grass? The man's fingers moved slightly when Mingge was confused. The next moment, the grass had been woven into a crown-shaped grass ring by him. He lifted Mingge's hand and put the grass ring into Mingge's middle finger. He asked Mingge softly, "Do you like it?" Ming Ge:.. Where did this come from? Came in the middle of the night just to put a grass ring on her finger, she is now in this body because of the weak constitution, all the people who come in will be sterilized, even the medical staff are wearing anti-bacterial clothes, this guy casually ran in a suit of clothes. As if to prove Mingge's idea, her nose itched, she sneezed three times, and the finger with the grass ring was itchy and painful. What's the matter? Without knowing it, the man reached out to help Mingge's body and wanted her to lie down. "Where is it uncomfortable?"? Do you want some water? "Itch, itch!" Mingge looked at the place where the finger grass ring was, and sneezed twice in succession. This time, even the snot and tears came out. Not only that, Mingge felt that he was beginning to itch all over his body, touch screen kiosk , and his speech was not very sharp. The man hurriedly took off the grass ring on the singer's finger. He seemed to have found the root of the problem. He quickly inserted the oxygen mask for the singer and opened the instrument beside him. Mingge's eyes followed the man all the time, and she found that the man seemed to be familiar with the various operations of the instruments around her. This man not only has a good relationship with the host, but also is familiar with the symptoms of the host's illness, but he should not be a relative of the host, is it difficu with a bang, and a woman came to Mingge in high heels. Sister, when did you wake up? Why hasn't aunt told me? The woman was dressed in a tight black leather coat, her slender figure was concave and convex, her eyes were charming, her red wavy hair was free and loose, her sunglasses were swaying in her hands, and her slender fingers were noticeable at a glance. Mingge did not speak, the woman hooked a round stool with her feet and sat down beside Mingge's bed, smiling at Mingge, "How do you feel?"? Is it better? I'm sorry about what happened last time. I didn't expect you to be so healthy. Fortunately, you're all right. Otherwise, my father doesn't know how to repair Duanmu's house. When the woman said this, the corners of her mouth turned up with a sarcastic look. She should have disliked the sister very much, and Mingge guessed from her words that the woman and the host should be half-brothers. The woman chuckled a few times and asked Mingge, "By the way, did you meet any strange men here last night?" Ming Ge noticed that when the woman asked this, it seemed casual, but the eyes of the fundus looked sharply at the reaction on Ming Ge's face. Seeing the doubts on Mingge's face, she relaxed and smiled. "Look what I said. My sister lies here all day, not to mention men. Birdman can't see one. I'm leaving. My sister has a good rest. You'll get better soon so that my father can be in a better mood." When she had said this, she put her sunglasses on her face and walked out of the door. What are you doing here? The mother of the host just appeared in front of the door. She looked at Mingge in the room worriedly and found that Mingge had nothing to do. Then she tried to get out of the way with anger. She probably wanted to avoid Mingge and talk to the woman.