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Friday,Sep 29, 2023
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Our News
The female partner is not involved
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:316        Back to List
 Seeing the report, Tseng Chen-yuan raised his forehead and sighed lightly. Then he made a ph a dry voice. Xiaoxue's leg was broken, and I was worried that Zeng Zhenyuan would catch her back and torture her, so I took her to hide. Wang Jun's face was full of vicissitudes and fatigue. Do you know what happened to the Wangs recently? Han Xu collected himself and continued to ask questions. I know all about it. Wang Jun hung his head and dared not look directly into his friend's eyes. Han Xu tried to suppress his emotions and gritted his teeth and said,face recognition identification, "Do you know why you don't come back?" At first, I was afraid that Xiaoxue would be hurt by Zeng Zhenyuan, so I wanted to take her to hide. Later, when Ruifeng had an accident, I took her back. I saw on the news that my father was going to jump off the building. I was scared to death! Then Lin Dan appeared, she saved my father, saved the gold tripod, a pile of mess are handled,outdoor digital signage displays, I want to come back also have no face to come back. I really dare not face her, dare not face my parents. Wang Jun was so regretful that he could only keep pulling his hair. He wanted to come back all the time, but he didn't have the courage. People really can't go wrong. Once you take a wrong step, there will be no chance to turn back. "Then why are you back now?" Asked Han Xu. Wang Jun is a little difficult to say, looked outside the door, and difficult to say: "I saw the news that Lin Dan wanted to sell his shares and came back.". These shares are the hope of Wang's comeback, and I can't watch her destroy them. Brother Han, I know you are anxious for these shares. I can assure you that I will only sell the shares to you after the company goes public, and I will never give them to anyone else. The Wang family also has a new energy automobile company in the United States. As long as I have enough money to operate in the United States, the Wang family can make a comeback abroad. Brother Han, can you understand me? Han Xu stood up slowly, walked to Wang Jun's side, tore off his tie, and gnashed his teeth: "I'm sorry, I can't understand you." The words have fallen and hit him with a punch. He has long said that as long as Wang Jun dares to appear in front of him, thermal imaging camera ,facial recognization camera, whether it is a person or a ghost, he will break his nose, this will always count. Wang Jun knew he was in the wrong, but he didn't dare to fight back. A thin woman rushed in from outside the door, crying and shouting: "Don't fight, Brother Han, please don't fight!"! Everything is my fault, you have to hit me! Han Xu's assistant stood outside the door and looked on coldly, without any intention of stopping the fight. Anyway, BOSS wasn't beaten, so why did she stop him? At the beginning, she regarded Wang Jun as her prince charming, but she didn't expect him to be so bad. Had it not been for her wearing a narrow skirt today, she would have wanted to go up and kick Wang Jun a few feet. This scum has made General Manager Lin suffer. How can he come back? Han Xu brushed away Ouyang Xue and continued to beat Wang Jun severely. After half an hour, he saved his fists with red joints and said in a deep voyang Xue's shaking shoulders, but his face was numb. Han Xu looked at the couple coldly and said, "Wang Jun, we are no longer friends from now on.". Ask Lin Dan how to deal with your shares. Wang Jun's body was stiff. He was not ready to face Lin Dan, but Han Xu had already taken out his cell phone and dialed Lin Dan's phone: "Hey, Xiao Dan,face detection android, I have a message to tell you. Do you promise me to keep calm?"? It's about Wang Jun. "What news?"? Did you find his body? Lin Dan's voice is very steady. No Han Xu glanced coldly at Wang Jun and kept thinking about the words in his heart. Lin Dan had already guessed and said slowly, "He came back alive, didn't he?" 。