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Friday,Sep 29, 2023
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Sick pet addiction
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:513        Back to List
 Yu Jingjing held her hands tightly and her fingertips turned white. She looked at Song Ci and shook her head: "Don't go with her, me." With tears in her eyes, she blurred her vision, but Song Ci's cold and traceless face was so clearly visible. She sobbed and begged, "Please, don't be so cruel to me." Song Ci looked at each other coldly and said, "I can help you with your family and act with you. I'm not good at it." Without a moment's hesitation, he pushed her away, turned and whispered to Ruan Jiangxi, "Let's go." Ruan Jiangxi smiled and handed out his hand for Song Ci to hold. Song Ci, you can't go! You can't go with her! "Why?"? Why is it still her? "Song Ci-" Behind him, a woman tore her heart and lungs screaming, but Ruan Jiangxi did not look back, Song Ci did not, she said noisy, he took her to walk faster, as if she was pregnant, hands around her shoulders, carefully, farther and farther. In a flash, Yu Jing fell down on the red carpet covered with roses, tears streaming down his face, surrounded by noise, discussion, abuse, and loud ridicule, coming from all directions. The high-heeled shoes approached slowly,digital signage kiosk, squatted down and looked at the sobbing woman sitting on the ground. Yu Jingan sighed: "Your play should be over." Yu Jingjing looked up suddenly. "She shouldn't have appeared." With tears in her eyes, she grabbed Yu Jingan's arm and shouted, "Why did she come?"? Is it you? Did you let her in? Yu Jingan does not deny: "I just think that since the plot has come to an end, there is no need to drag on the plot, which will lower the style of the whole story." Yu Jingjing pushed her away, with tears in his eyes and dark eyes: "Without Ruan Jiangxi, the ending would not be like this." "You are wrong, even if Ruan Jiangxi does not come, Song Ci will certainly go to her,digital signage screen, the end is your tragedy." Yu Jingan sighed, "Don't be silly. Ruan Jiangxi is the protagonist in the script of Song Ci." Yu Jingjing opened her mouth, but her throat was blocked by bitterness. She grabbed the red carpet on the ground and cried bitterly. Yu Jingan held her shoulder and patted her: "Scenery, stop here. Don't force it any more." Why can't I recognize it? Song Ci belongs to Ruan Jiangxi. "You don't have to pretend to be a saint in front of me. How much better are you than me? Don't you like him too?" Yu said. Embarrassed by not being punctured, Yu Jingan stood up slowly, looked down at her on the ground, and whispered: "I said, I am a little better than you, I am more self-aware than you." Yu Jingjing sat on the ground and was ridiculed. Yu Jingan is right, how high you stand, once you fall. Is the abyss. Outside the hotel, the wind blows and the night is cool, and the street lights are bright. Song Ci led Ruan Jiangxi, one after the other, stepping on the fallen leaves on the roadside. After leaving the hotel, Song Ci did not open his mouth, but put his coat on Ruan Jiangxi. Have you had a good time in the past six months? Song Ci stopped and looked back at Ruan Jiangxi, but did not answer her. With her head up and one hand on her belly, her thin figure under her cotton skirt, digital whiteboard price ,face recognition identification kiosk, her hair ruffled by the wind, and her thin shoulders trembling, she asked, "Did the operation go well?" Without pausing for a moment, he asked, "Has it been healed?" "Where have you been for so long?" Song Ci did not say a word, but looked at her deeply, his eyes like the light and shadow refracted by broken glass, messy and hot. You're not leaving again, are you? Ruan Jiangxi asked cautiously, reaching out his hand, as if to touch Song Ci's face, but stopped in midair, suddenly red-eyed, "Song Ci, you don't remember me, do you?" He was still silent, looking at her with fear and panic. Somehow, he was suddenly afraid, afraid of her concern, afraid of her wet eyes and the darkness between her eyebrows. Did not speak, Song Ci afraid of export will be wrong. Ruan Jiangxi slowly lowered his hand and looked at Song Ci, but seemed to be muttering to himself: "You never looked at me like this before." She crouched down and burst into tears. Song Ci panicked and knelt down in front of her with a splash. He was at a loss like a child who had done something wrong. Unconsciously, he was red-eyed and opened his mery much, so, will be so even the heart for her pull, how much love, will make him want to give her life, as long as she does not cry. It turned out that he had loved Ruan Jiangxi so desperately in Song Ci. Don't cry, I am distressed. He clung to her hand and kissed the ring on her finger. "I'm back and I won't go again." He must have kissed the ring like this before, probably with all his piety,interactive kiosk price, so that he was reluctant to take it off, so that every time he kissed the ring when she was not around, he would feel sad.